The pope lease pines overhead
Aerial view of The Pope Lease Pines

History of the Pope Lease

In 1900 Senator Rufus Pope of Cookshire, Quebec leased 37,200 acres from the Dominion of Canada. He called his spread The Westview Ranch. Over the next twenty years he built himself a lovely home, which still stands today, and planted the acres surrounding his home with majestic pines and ornamental trees and shrubs and groves of exotic fruit trees. He built rock lined ponds and creek beds to gather the run off in spring. It must have been splendid indeed, and that yard is where The Pope Lease Pines Resort is located.

In 1998, after many years of neglect and twenty five years of complete abandonment, the Walkers purchased The Pope Lease and began the year long project of first refurbishing the home, and then clearing back the over grown shrubs and trees to run power and water to fourteen lovely camping sites. On July 1st 2000 they opened the gates for business, and it was a hit from the beginning for those looking for a quiet and serene respite from the hustle and bustle or their everyday lives. 

in 2016, Kendra and Clayton chose this idyllic spot as the venue for their up and coming nuptials. On the long weekend they exchanged their vows amid the splendor of fall leaves and gentle rays of sunlight in the private backyard of Eaton House, For four days, the new couple and their guests basked in the loveliness of it all, and before they headed home it was clear to them that this was exactly the place they needed to be. So in March of 2017, Kendra and Clayton Knauft, along with their two children, a couple of dogs, three cats and a pot bellied pig, took up residence as the new gate keepers at The Pope Lease Pines RV Resort.